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KH Designs Inc

Custom Building Designs

Energy Efficient Alternative Building Method

Cornerstone Building System

For many years I have searched to find an effiicient, environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative building system. The Cornerstone system is comparable in cost to current conventionally framed homes but is far quicker to construct

and has a high R-value as part of the one piece structural wall.

With this R values can range from 3.85 to 4.76R/ Inch or

an 8" panel could be an R Value of 38 - 10" R47 -12" R57

The technology is from New Zealand but all materials would be locally sourced

in Alberta or British Columbia.

KH Designs Inc. is the licensed distributor for the Cornerstone Building System

for the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.®i=Alberta&cmp=01.dat

Here are some video links below:


Exterior Interior Finishing:

Energy Efficient Links

If you are an Architect, Designer, Contractor, Homeowner or Commercial property Owner in British Columbia or Alberta that wants to be know how Cornerstone

could supply your building structure please contact me.

I am currently looking for Contractors in these provinces to become trained and licensed as a Cornerstone Builder so if you have an interest in become one of the few to offer such a unique building system to your market then

please feel free to contact me:

Email: [email protected]

Cell: 250-575-0590

Thank YOU!

Kevin Halchuk